Did you know that statistically only 10% of women fight back when being attacked? 90% of the women that fight back manage to avoid serious harm.


Minimum 12 Years and Up


  • Our basic introduction to self-defense workshop is normally one hour.
  • We can accommodate 20 people per session.
  • We can also run more than one workshop per day. For your convenience workshops can be conducted at your own premises or ours.

What we cover

MAP of Self Defense

M-Mindset Approaching self defense with the correct Mindset may be the one thing that saves your life.   (10-15 Minutes)

  • For instance “It can happen to me” and 
  • I may have to kill to save my own life.


A-Awareness can be taught  (10-15 Minutes)

  • Be aware of your strengths and shortcomings is crucial to prepare for self defense
  • awareness skill of your surroundings is incredibly useful
  • awareness of your attacker and possible weapons and escape strategies


P-Physical  (30 minutes-1h30 depending on the time allocation)

  • Very Basic Fighting Skills
  • Very Basic Self Defense moves
  • Confidence Test

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