“Our actions are like ships that we may watch set out to sea and not know with what cargo or when they will return to port.”

– Iris Murdoch, ‘The Bell’.

Sponsor a student

Due to the cost of living and the economic situation in South Africa it is both difficult to afford extramural activities as well as keeping small businesses alive.

Pay it Forward

I have come up with an idea to pay it forward that can support quite a lot of people, directly and indirectly.

I am looking for 10-20 sponsors that would be willing to get behind and support individual students. I am specifically thinking but not exclusively about previously disadvantaged students. Students that show so much promise but do not have the financial means to afford and are kept back due to their financial situation.

I have always tried to help from my side but as an amazing mentor of mine once said.

“You can carry one, and you can carry two, but you cannot carry three on your shoulders.” Jim Rohn


Applicants and Progress

I will have applicants that would qualify for such sponsorship and we will provide you the sponsor with a progress report from year to year.

Please see the applicants below.

Freddy Mwakyoma Shotokan Winner 2019

Isaac Lambert