All you need to know!

This is the ultimate “All you need to know” Active Street Self Defence Course for Men, Women and Children.

Unfortunately, many Self-Defence workshops out there are doing more harm than good. Teaching you things that will not work in the street and may even get you killed.  

What is the adrenalin dump?

One of the most important things that you have to consider in a self-defense situation is something called the adrenalin dump. This is your body’s way of dealing with a fight-or-flight reaction that occurs due to the stress of being out on the competition mat for the first time in front of a crowd and being attacked by an unknown opponent. An adrenaline dump can leave you feeling wiped out or even make you freeze up.

Fine motor skills stop working altogether.  Complicated hand movements will not work and are also very hard to perfect after just one workshop.

What makes our course different from all the other courses out there?

  1. This course only teaches moves that require Gross Motor Skills. Easy to learn and apply especially when the adrenalin dump in your body restricts complicated moves.
  2. This course is for everyone. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students can learn and practice to apply efficiently.
  3. This course teaches both self-defense moves to easily get you out of compromising situations as well as effective fighting skills.
  4. Fighting skills are repeated throughout the course to cement them into your muscle memory.
  5. This course is for women and children too as it is based on knowledge and skill and not the strength required.


What does the workshop cover?

We teach the map of self-defense:
“M” Mindset
“A” Awareness
“P” Physical

It’s important to understand self-defense and what it is. It’s important to have the right MINDSET before, during or after an attack.

We will stimulate your thinking and AWARENESS of your strengths and weaknesses and your surroundings and your attacker/s strengths and weaknesses. Be aware of your own body and possible weapons during an attack.

We will get PHYSICAL but will teach you simple repeatable moves that can be easily learned and repeated especially during the stresses of an attack. We will practice how to get you out of hijacking situations and or simple ways to escape someone grabbing or holding you under duress. We will cover a couple of floor techniques and also how to defend yourself against an attacker with a knife or other weapons. 

The Physical section includes:

  • Self-Defense Moves – Getting out of compromising situations
  • Fighting Skills – Repeated for muscle memory
  • Getting out of grabs and chokes
  • Anti-Rape
  • Defense against batons
  • Defense against knives
  • Defense against guns
  • Anti Hijacking



Fighting Skills

Gain Confidence

Anti Rape Skills

Defence against Battons, Knives and Guns


What is your life worth. Do not wait and do not settle for anything but the best.


4 -10 People

Basic introduction to Self Defense Course
R 1200 per person
  • 6 Hour Course
  • Minimum charge 10 People

20+ People

Basic introduction to Self Defense Course
R 1000 per person
  • 6 Hour Course
  • Minimum charge 20 People
most rated

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