NOTE: All info about this tournament is here below, but if you want continued communication about this event please join the WhatsApp group which will be deleted after the event. Link Here! >>> Cape Town Invitational  WhatApp Communication

Date: 22 June 2024

Time:  8am-6pm


DF Malan High School
Actity Centre
Frans Conradie Drive
South Africa

Google Maps Link:

Waze Link:


R300 for 1st 2 entries. (includes R50 admin)
R100 for each additional entry
R150 Team kata (R50 Each)

Who can attend?:
All Jion Students can participate. (For the safety of the students, If I feel there is not a correct division I may withdraw the student, and you will be reimbursed)

How to enter:

2.1 Log into your Jion Members Profile (Login – Jion Martial Arts)
2.2 Click on the “Gear” to EDIT your profile.
2.3 Sellect the “Enter Tournament CAPE TOWN INVITATIONAL ” Tab
2.4 TICK the YES I’d like to enter.
2.5 Complete ALL the fields such as age, and current grade and weight to ensure you are entered into the correct division.


Please deposit fees into the SHOTOKAN CAPITEC Account

Bank Details:

Bank:                              Capitec
Account Name:              Shotokan Events
Barnch:                           470010
Account Number:          1617981956
Reference:                     #YOURNAME&CT INVITE”” ie. #DIRK&CT INVITEDF Malan 

 SOS Fundraising Drive

Save our Soles!

Sponsor and make a difference.

I would like to invite you to assist us in raising funds to cover our dojo floor with competition mats. The benefits of having these mats are numerous. Besides the fact that the existing floor is killing the students feet with continuous blisters we will also be able to practice take-downs, throws and rolls which is essential in teaching martial arts. We will also be able to train on the exact same surface that the students’ compete on which is essential in preparation at a higher level.

Covering our dojo of 140m2 with a 40mm double sided mat will cost us R65,000.

Our goal is to raise R40,000 through direct sponsorship of these mats. We have 140 mats and would like to ask you to sponsor one mat at R300,00 per mat. We will also allow people to sponsor half a mat at R150.00.

We have also hidden 3 mistery prizes underneath 3 of the 140 mats which may include a weeken away for two, Breakfast for two and dinner for two at a luxury hotel here in Cape Town.

How to Sponsor:

Please complete the form below by  sellecting your favorite number as per the schedule below. All White Cells are still to be sponsorred.  

SOS Fundraiser – Jion Martial Arts

You will get confirmation from us via email.

Direct link to sponsor
For Online Ozow Payment through IPPONSPORTS.co.za

Southern Africa WUKF Open Chamionship

Southern Africa WUKF Open Chamionship

Date: 19-21 September 2024


Time:  8am-4pm

Venue: TBA


Cost: TBA
R350 per event
R150 for each additional entry
R450 Team Events (R150pp)

Entry fees for spectators:
ZAR60 per day: Adults and Children. Children under 5: Free. Payment may be made on arrival either via cash or card (card facilities will be available at the entrance to the venue).

Courses for Officials:
Referees’, judges’, coaches’, and jury table judges’ courses will be conducted by senior referees, coaches, and officials via Zoom. Dates will be communicated to all federation heads in due course. For referees, judges and coaches who can attend, a course will be held on Thursday, the 21st of March at The Boardwalk Hotel. This will be conducted either by South Africa’s Chief Referee or one of WUKF’s International Referee Committee Members. Time 14:00 to 18:00.

Who can attend?:
We will take a few students.


Bank Details:

Bank:                              Capitec
Account Name:              Shotokan Events
Barnch:                           470010
Account Number:          1617981956
Reference:                     #YOURNAME&”PE” ie. #DIRKPE

Agenda: TBA

PE Agenda as example
Day 1 (22 March 2024)
07:15: Venue doors open to the public and athletes.
07:20: Referees’, judges’, coaches’, and table officials’ briefings.
07:50: Athletes and officials to assemble at a designated area outside the venue.
08:10: Athletes’ and Officials’ Procession.
08:20 – 08:50: Opening Ceremony.
09:00: First categories
19:00: Cocktail Evening for VIP Guests, Federation-Heads, Referees, Judges and Partners. Cost: R300 per head.

Day 2 & 3 (23&24 March)
07:15: Venue doors open to the public and athletes.
07:20: Referees’, judges’, coaches’, and table officials’ briefings.
08:00: First categories

There is a restaurant in the Hotel as well as numerous restaurants and fast-food outlets at the Boardwalk Mall which is adjacent to the venue.

Compulsory equipment for WUKF SA Championships:

Mitts (Shobu Ippon, Shobu Nihon and Sanbon kumite). Athletes may use bubble mitts (with or without thumb protector) for both Shobu Sanbon and Shobu Ippon kumite (alternatively athletes may use WUKF approved Shobu Ippon mitts).

Except for Junior, Senior and Veteran elite (black belt) categories, competitors will only be required to have one pair of mitts (red or white).

Gum shields must be worn for all kumite. Only white or clear in colour will be permitted.

Groin protectors for male cadets, juniors, seniors, and veterans.

Optional Equipment

Chest protectors (Female Kumite).

Body protectors (Children Nihon Kumite).

Helmets (Children Nihon Kumite).
Allowed Equipment

Sport glasses and contact lenses at own risk during kata.

Groin protectors (Nihon Kumite)

Shin protectors (Sanbon Kumite)

White shin/instep protectors. May wear red if aka in nihon or sanbon Kumite.

Forbidden Equipment:

Spectacles (glass or hard plastic) for kumite.

Shin protectors for Ippon kumite.

Instep and shin protectors for Ippon Kumite

Blue mitts, instep, and shin protectors.

WKF labels on all equipment (including karate dogi) must be removed or taped over.
Provided equipment:
Red and white belts will be provided at each floor.

Determining the age of an Athlete
The age of the athlete will be determined by his/her age as on the 22nd of March 2024.

Combining of Categories
A minimum of four athletes must register for a category for it to be considered valid. If the threshold point is not met, athletes will be moved into the next most suitable category. The organisers reserve the right to combine or divide categories according to the athletes’ height/weight/belt/age.

Medals will be awarded to the top three individual competitors/teams in each kumite, kata and kobudo category.

Provincial and National Colours
WUKF SA is not authorised to award provincial or national colours to athletes.

One coach for every 10 athletes per Federation will be allowed. Only coaches who attend the official course/s will be accredited to coach at the Championship. Coaches must wear a tracksuit. A tracksuit top may however be substituted with a golf shirt. Registration is ZAR 100 per coach.

Draw Sheets

The knockout drawsheet system will be implemented for all kumite categories.

The points system will be used for all kata and kobudo categories.

Dress code for referees and judges
The official referees’ uniform for the Championship comprises: • A navy-blue blazer bearing two silver buttons • A WUKF badge • A white short sleeve shirt • A red WUKF / continental tie. • Light grey trousers • Black socks covering 2/3rd of the shin. • Black soft sole shoes.

Disclaimer/indemnity form
The disclaimer/indemnity form must be correctly completed and returned to the organisers prior to, or on the day of the Championships. 
Please download the indemnity form from your JION Profile /Documents Section.

I will also post a copy to WhatsAPP Competition Group.