Save our Soles!

I would like to invite you to assist us in raising funds to cover our dojo floor with competition mats. The benefits of having these mats are numerous. Besides the fact that the existing floor is killing the students’ feet with continuous blisters we will also be able to practice takedowns, throws and rolls which is essential in teaching martial arts. We will also be able to train on the exact same surface that the students compete on which is essential in preparation at a higher level.

“Sponsor a Mat” Sponsor R300 towards a total of 168 slots.

Select your Mat numbers here. Your initials will be added to each mat you sellect.

How to Sponsor .


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ABSA  Savings Account: Jion Support Fund
Account Number: 9386768090
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You can follow the link to IPPONSPORTS.CO.ZA and do it via our Online Shop:

Spesific numbers have been allocated to each mat. Add all the mats into the cart individually by sellecting the mat numbers.